Exhibition Announcement: AbEx Redux

AbExRedux invitation.jpg

I'm showing four of my shaped collages at The Local for a small group exhibition called AbEx Redux

(opening reception is Thursday, April 7th 2016 from 6pm - 8pm) 

"Santa Maria's collages present options of representation based on imagery that has been culled from a variety of sources, much like the visual information we collect on a daily basis. While his collages are devoid of symbolism, the images tease our imagination through recognizable bits of reality that encompass the gamut of the human condition and do so by referencing the scientific, artistic, surreal, biomorphic and humorous aspects of our world. As a whole, Santa Maria's collages are experiments in color, an aspect the artist controls fully, and possible readings of micro-messages, shaped entirely by the viewer's own cultural conditioning."   - Thomai Serdari

Matthew Jasperson