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This show hosted by Elna Baker and Kevin Townley is so special. I couldn't be more stoked to be in the mix!

Anything goes with the rest of this solid lineup (Ira Glass, Janeane Garofalo, my dear friend Henrietta Mantooth from our time at Yaddo, a brass Nirvana cover band, et al.).

I'll be sure to drag everyone into a gutter of despair by presenting the collage I've been working on for the past two and half years.

Tuesday, June 25th at Little Field in Brooklyn.

Matthew Jasperson

I’ve been working on a big paper collage that will make its (in progress) debut at this year’s Spring Break Art Show.

Curated by Martina D’Amato and Elizabeth Fodde-Reguer, This Wild Parade explores the effects of the grotesque on the popular imagination and includes works by Aaron JohnsonLarry MantelloRebecca Morgan, a selection of Old Master prints by James Ensor and a Léger textile. 

Matthew Jasperson

It's an essay. A chapbook. An art project. A zine. A state of mind. A way of being. An untimely meditation on science fiction, stardom, and surface reading. 

With text by Christine Smallwood and Mark Sussman and original collages by yours truly, ScarJo is being published in a very underground edition of 100 by Peradam.

Matthew Jasperson
Exhibition Announcement: AbEx Redux
AbExRedux invitation.jpg

I'm showing four of my shaped collages at The Local for a small group exhibition called AbEx Redux

(opening reception is Thursday, April 7th 2016 from 6pm - 8pm) 

"Santa Maria's collages present options of representation based on imagery that has been culled from a variety of sources, much like the visual information we collect on a daily basis. While his collages are devoid of symbolism, the images tease our imagination through recognizable bits of reality that encompass the gamut of the human condition and do so by referencing the scientific, artistic, surreal, biomorphic and humorous aspects of our world. As a whole, Santa Maria's collages are experiments in color, an aspect the artist controls fully, and possible readings of micro-messages, shaped entirely by the viewer's own cultural conditioning."   - Thomai Serdari

Matthew Jasperson
Bushwick Open Studios

Bushwick Open Studios happened June 5, 6 and 7, 2015. Thanks for coming out! We had a great time and I was happy to give some visitors a look into the process of my Nos. series. 


Matthew Jasperson
HBO Documentary Films: Raising Renee

Raising Renee is a documentary about my old painting professor, Beverly McIver.  Part of it was filmed in 2005 when I was a fresh faced undergraduate at Arizona State University.

HBO Documentary Films: Raising Renee from Chris Santa Maria on Vimeo


The story of acclaimed artist Beverly McIver and her promise to take care of her sister Renee (who is mentally disabled) when their mother dies — a promise that comes due just as Beverly's career is taking off.

A film by Academy Award nominees JEANNE JORDAN & STEVEN ASCHER

© 2012 West City Films, Inc

Matthew Jasperson